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Page history last edited by Vance Stevens 5 months ago

Vance Stevens in Brazil 2010


or: http://tinyurl.com/flnw2010vance



July 23, Brasilia

The Future of Learning in a Networked World moves from BrazTESOL10 in Sao Paulo to Brasilia, July 23, 2010


July 19-22, 2010,  at BrazTESOL10 in Sao Paulo


On July 22, 9:45 a.m. in Sao Paulo 

I'm giving a talk on PLN: The paradigm shift in teacher and learner autonomy

I may try to webcast it, an 12:45 GMT - Look for us in Elluminate at http://tinyurl.com/y3eh

and check http://twitter.com/#search?q=brazTESOL10 for confirmation


On July 21 9:45 a.m. in Sao Paulo

I gave a hands-on demonstration of Tag Games


On July 19 I participated in a pre-convention institute: http://braztesol10.wikispaces.com


Use the sidebar to navigate to Vance's presentations at BrazTESOL 2010 in Sao Paulo, July 19-22, 2019








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Comments (9)

Aiden Yeh said

at 3:56 pm on Jul 21, 2010

Nice photo, Vance :-) Hello to all the Webheads and webheads-to-be who are having a great time at BrazTesol.

Nina Lyulkun said

at 12:40 am on Jul 22, 2010

Really nice picture!

Vance Stevens said

at 5:47 am on Jul 23, 2010

Thanks for your comments. Off to Brazilia now, Casa Thomas Jefferson, and hoping to get to the bottom of this jinga thing.

Dr. Hala said

at 12:14 pm on Jul 23, 2010

Enjoy your time with the Casa Thomas Jefferson crew:-)

Nelba said

at 2:35 am on Jul 24, 2010

Hi, Vance and Wbs!!! Nice photo. I am happy you are having a good time in Brazil. A big hug from Argentina :-)

Elizabeth said

at 1:39 pm on Jul 27, 2010

Hi Vance;;; this reporting inspite of connection problems has an "only Vance" feel about it :-)
I've been lurking on and off on the Webheads Brazil experience.... so sorry I even had connection probs with my iphone and was not able to twitter. Thanks for sharing as always
bonnes vacances

Nina Liakos said

at 1:33 am on Aug 14, 2010

Nice wiki! Now if I can find a few hours to explore it all...

Buthaina AlOthmn said

at 6:13 pm on Aug 14, 2010

Very nice pics, Vance and all; I returned home few days ago after a 4-week holiday in Lebanon, this is why I couldn't follow with you, Vance and Webhead colleagues; however, right now I'm enjoying listening to your talk / podcast during your session in La Plata...

have FUN, Vance and All wherever :)

Carla Arena said

at 6:49 pm on Aug 15, 2010

Miss you all here in Brazil, Vance. It was great being there with you, Bobbi, Mike and Bee. Beijos.

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